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Holistic Practitioner

An unique combination of the Traditional Western Medicine and the oldest East energetically Medicine and Yoga science and Philosophy. Liana Nenacheva, MD, SD,. Master in Western (Oral, Facial and Reconstructive surgery) and Traditional Chinese Medicine ( Acupuncture, Tuina, Chinese Herbal therapy, Nutrition therapy), Certified Yoga teacher (International Yoga Alliance). Read more »

Trad. Chinese Medicine

During her treatments Liana incorporate in an unique way a wide range of her knowledge and skills in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Trough diagnosis of your pulse, tongue, face, body, speaking mannerisms and observation of your energy flow, Liana will discover underlying imbalances in your energetic system. Read more »

Online Program

Take charge of your body, health and life by feeling better, living longer and enhancing your well-being the natural way through this online program guide by Dr. Liana Nenacheva Read more »